Happy Lunar New Year 2019! Send back home all best wishes!


Lunar Year 2019 has started in Vietnam (GMT+7) and some Asian nations such as Singapore, Korea, China, etc., and in Vietnamese it is called as Tet. This is the most important annual holiday in Vietnam, somehow like Christmas in western culture. We usually spend time with family and friends in this special ocassion and enjoy various specially traditional activities and food as well.

Another Tet away from home. Last year, after the last exam, we – Asian students – gathered to celebrate and introduced it to our international friends. We actually had fun but still felt homesick.

I’ve just been back from work and don’t have time to do anything to celebrate. Just quickly called my family to say best wishes to everyone there and everyone is now busy on celebrating to welcome another good year. I miss you all!

Happy Tet 2019!

Homburg, Germany