Peaceful Furtwangen


It has been damn hot here for few days, which makes me miss cool weather in Furtwangen. We call it Fuwa as a short version. I didn’t think I would miss Fuwa so much before. I stayed there 1 year during which I totally enjoyed my student life. I have left Fuwa for more than 3 months, but whenever I get back, I always feel peaceful there. Its atmosphere, friends and people around can miraculously release my worries and tiredness.


Es ist sehr warm hier und ich vermisse das ganz coole Wetter in Furtwangen. Das ist eine kleine Stadt in Schwarzwald und wir nennen sie Fuwa. Ich hab da für 1 Jahr gewohnt und total meine Studentzeit genoßen. Die kleine, friedliche und ruhige Stadt ganz gefällt mir.

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People have their own choices

Respect, don’t judge, don’t criticize!

I still remember the criticizable reaction from a guy when he knew that I had no religion. It looked like with his best criticism he asked why I was non-religious. “You must have a God to believe, otherwise your life is suck” he said. Wt* that was!!! No religion, yup, that’s it. So what?!?

All religions are good with their own philosophy and God that psychologically helps us stronger and to live better. I totally agree with it. But somehow no religion is also a type of religions (if it isn’t, it doesn’t matter). No religion doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own philosophy lightening my life. And of course I have my belief and my God too, in my heart.

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