I’m gonna miss these days so much.

Thanks to all whom I met here, I was warmly helped by great people. Thanks to my friends, we spent time together for studying, parties or even just chilling.

Thanks to my one-sided love who made me believe stronger in first sight love. I still remember the first time I saw you, I was into you at that moment. It was hurt but a beautiful love. You were the first ones whom I sent confession (normally I receive confessions from others, so I don’t need to do that, LOL). I love you so much till now, but maybe you don’t know that. You often ask why I don’t talk much to you. I really wanna, but it’s still difficult for me. Thanks for time and moments we were together. Whatever you are gonna do, be happy! I’m gonna miss you so much.

Last few days to stay here. It’s always hard, but it’s time to say goodbye. Everyone is gonna leave. All best wishes to you, my friends!



How to reach the target? Excel can help you

You have a list of objectives ranging from study results, personal finance to sales revenue; and you try your best monthly, even daily to accomplish them. Sometimes you wonder which number I need to reach the goal. Don’t worry, you are not alone; and fortunately there is an amazing Excel function supporting you on the way to touch the target. Please note that here I am using Microsoft Office Excel 2016 for Windows.

Imagine that you are an owner of a mini store selling cookies, chocolate and oranges. Based on customer feedback, you will sell a new product which is apple in the next month. Your target is to get 5,000 Euro of profit in the next month. Have a look, there is a table like this.

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