Vegetarian Home Cooking (12)

There are many types of rice noodle in Vietnam and of course there are also correspondingly many names depending on size and portion of rice flour. Below is veggie “bánh canh”, a typical dish from southern Vietnam.


This type of rice noodle is mostly like Udon noodle from Japan. Actually, Udon is a good alternative if I don’t have time to make “bánh canh”. Tofu, champignon, carrot, salat and mung bean sprouts are added together with the noodle. Then pour seasoned broth into. Apple, pear and fennel are slow cooked to make this broth. Finally, add a little crispy fried onion and fried garlic.

Typically as Vietnamese cuisine, “bánh canh” should be eaten with chopsticks and a spoon.

Similarly, below is Chinese noodle with the same broth but a little soy sauce, veggie oyster sauce and sesame oil are also added. Champignon is replaced by asparagus.


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