Vegetarian Home Cooking (9)

Dried rice noodle with sauce and soup

Originally, this dish was from Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and then when it came to the southern Vietnam, it was somehow adjusted to more suitable to Vietnamese taste. Currently, it is a popular dish that can be found everywhere in the south of Vietnam with variety of local tastes.

This vegetarian version is mainly made from rice noodle, mushroom, tofu and vegetarian ground meat.


Dried “won-ton” with sauce and soup

Won-ton is a typical ingredient in Chinese cuisine and thanks to the Chinese living in Vietnam, it has become popular. There are many dishes made from won-ton, such as won-ton soup, won-ton noodle and fried won-ton.

Here is the vegetarian version, but here won-ton was actually alternated by spinat tortellini because I did not have anymore won-ton 😀 And it is also mainly made from the ingredients as above.



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