Vegetarian Home Cooking (6)

Vegetarian summer rolls

Spring roll, a popularly traditional appetizer in Vietnam, whose types are different from areas to areas across Vietnam. From migration, the Vietnamese have made and sold spring rolls as a job to survive in many countries, which makes spring rolls become a typical Vietnamese dish around the world.

Besides spring rolls, summer rolls have also become popular in many places. If spring rolls are deeply fried in oil and served as a warm appetizer or with rice noodle, summer roll is a fresh and cool appetizer. And as its name, summer roll is a good start of a meal in hot summer.


The version here is vegetarian ones. It is made from types of fresh salad and herbs, rice noodle, egg, vegetarian ground meat and sausage. If you want, you can add more cucumber and carrot. Sometimes, I add also fried tofu. Those ingredients are covered in rice paper. Summer rolls are eaten together with a special peanut sauce. Summer rolls can cool you down thanks to fresh and cool ingredients.

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