People have their own choices

Respect, don’t judge, don’t criticize!

I still remember the criticizable reaction from a guy when he knew that I had no religion. It looked like with his best criticism he asked why I was non-religious. “You must have a God to believe, otherwise your life is suck” he said. Wt* that was!!! No religion, yup, that’s it. So what?!?

All religions are good with their own philosophy and God that psychologically helps us stronger and to live better. I totally agree with it. But somehow no religion is also a type of religions (if it isn’t, it doesn’t matter). No religion doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own philosophy lightening my life. And of course I have my belief and my God too, in my heart.

Extensionally, if a person is vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or just normal dietary, it doesn’t matter. If a person is introvert or extrovert, it doesn’t matter. If a person is straight or gay, it doesn’t matter. If a person belongs to the minor group or the majority group, it doesn’t matter. The minor is the special. We have our own choices and we live our own lives, as long as be happy.

Each of us is a different individual. We have our own lifestyle, philosophy, thinking and choices. That diversification should be respected.


Jeder hat die Wahl. Wir sollen zueinander respektieren. Kritisieren wir nicht.

Der Vegetarismus oder der Veganismus oder der Pescetarismus, oder die Normale, es ist egal. Introvertiert sein oder extrovertiert sein, es ist egal. Heterosexuell sein oder homosexuell sein, es ist egal. Jeder hat den unterschiedlichen Lifestyle, die unterschiedliche Philosophie, die unterschiedliche Denke und die unterschiedliche Wahl.

Wir leben unser Leben zu glücklich sein.

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